Tour de Franks NYC 2016 Registration is Live!

Registration is now live for the 2016 Tour de Franks in New York City. Registration is easy (and free!) - just click the button and enter your name & email into the form:

Reminder: This year's ride will take place on Saturday, July 9th from 12pm until around 7pm (save to Google calendar).

We hope to be able to share the brand new 2016 t-shirt design very soon! Watch your inbox for a follow up email with details on how to order (email sign up). [UPDATE: shirts are now available on the TDF store!]

We will be making 8 stops this year - see below for details on the stops (V = veggie dogs available). Although unlikely, please note that this is subject to change. We will be sure to notify everybody as soon as possible if anything changes.

  • Kick things off at 12pm at Asiadog (V) @ KBH Bierhalle in Park Slope
  • Ride north to Williamsburg for a stop at Rosamunde (V) -- a highlight from last year's ride
  • Over the Williamsburg bridge for a quick stop at Crif Dogs (V)
  • Short ride down to Loreley (V) to relax on their patio with some beer & sausage
  • Across town to Berlin Currywurst (V) inside Chelsea Market 
  • Up the west side highway to Gray's Papaya (tradition is important)
  • Through Central Park to Schaller's Stube
  • And finally, we'll ride over the Queensboro Bridge and down to Santa Salsa (V) inside Over the Eight back in Williamsburg to end the night with some drinks (and more hot dogs!)

2016 Tour de Franks Chicago Tickets & t-shirts

I'm very excited to share the design for the official 2016 Tour de Franks Chicago t-shirt! The shirt was designed once again by the immensely talented Patrick Burnell. The design is a bit of a departure from prior years...and I LOVE it. One of my favorite shirts yet! (Ah who am I kidding? I love every shirt!) You will have until June 5th to order a shirt. Go here to grab your ticket with t-shirt today!

Official 2016 Tour de Franks Chicago t-shirt

Date set for the 2016 Tour de Franks Chicago!

Mark your calendars: We've finalized the date for the 2016 Tour de Franks in Chicago!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

More details to follow soon, including the final route, tickets, and t-shirt orders - so stay tuned for a follow up email. Sign up now to make sure you don't miss any important updates!

The date for the NYC ride will be announced soon - if you're interested in joining just make sure you've selected New York on your profile and watch your inbox for details! (You can update your info by re-submitting your email address into the same sign up form.)

2015 Tour de Franks T-Shirt

I'm very excited to share the design for the official 2015 Tour de Franks t-shirt!  The shirt was designed once again by the immensely talented friend of the tour Patrick Burnell.  Don't forget: You have until June 7th to order a shirt - see below for details.

Wishing you'd ordered the shirt? It's not too late to change your order! Go to, click 'Manage Order', and select 'Transfer' in the top right.

Haven't signed up yet? Go get your ticket already!

The day is almost here - I hope you're all as excited as I am!